Is Vivian Hsu dating a man 7 years younger than her?

27 March 2013 / 3 years 7 months ago

38-year old Vivian Hsu is reportedly dating 31 year-old actor Chris Wang. The duo was photographed having birthday dinner with Vivian’s family at a restaurant recently.According to an article in 88News, when asked if she is going to announce their relationship, Vivian bashfully declined. Reporters also asked if Chris is nice to her, Vivian replied, “I have many friends who are nice to me.‘However, in contrast to Vivian’s secretive demeanour, Chris candidly admitted that the singer was his “goddess‘, stating, “I have known Vivian for a while now and she is a very nice girl.‘ When asked how the “The Fierce Wife‘ actor felt about dining with Vivian’s family, he exclaimed, “It’s great!‘View the gallery for photos of the couple, as well as photos of sexy star Vivian Hsu.

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