Victoria Beckham's back-up plan... in case she didn't make it as a successful singer

6 June 2015 / 1 year 4 months ago

The former Spice Girl trained as a dancer as a young girl after her mom insisted she should have a back up plan incase she didn't make it as a successful singer.

She said: ''I was never going to be a model. I studied dance until I was qualified to be a dance teacher.

''My mom said I had to have something to fall back on if it all went wrong. So if it does go wrong, I can always be a tap-dancing teacher.''

But fame did come for Victoria, Geri Halliwell, Mel B, Mel C and Emma Bunton although the band nearly made a faux pas when choosing their name.

Victoria shared: ''In the beginning, we were going to be The Spicy Girls, but then we realised there was a porn site called the Spicy Girls. That wouldn't have been good!''

The 41-year-old fashion designer also revealed the girl band did act like the nicknames which they were famous for.

Speaking to Fern Mallis at New York City's 92nd St. Y said: ''Posh was given to us by a British teen magazine, but we were already acting like our names. Mel B really did dress scary, always in leopard print. Emma really was Baby; she always wore pigtails and those bloody awful platform shoes! But I'm still very close to all of those girls.

''I'm really proud of what I achieved with them. We were just five girls who weren't all that great individually, but together, we were pretty great!''

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