Uni student who stopped shaving says she has no trouble attracting men

5 June 2015 / 1 year 4 months ago

A university student who wrote a personal essay and shared photographs of herself revealing her excessive body hair has said she doesn't struggle to attract male attention.

Yasmin Gasimova, 19, has had a number of long-term relationships despite her decision to shun shaving and waxing, reports Asiantown via MailOnline.

The computing and philosophy student, from Reading, says that in the past boyfriends have asked her to shave her stomach, but eventually they have accepted her decision to go au natural.

Yasmin said: 'Long term boyfriends generally don't mind my body hair. If I am dating someone I always make it apparent at the beginning that this is who I am.

'I had a relationship for three and a half years and my ex partner never asked me to shave.

'Having body hair doesn't make me feel like I am not sexy. If a guy told me my body hair was gross I would tell him it's not gross and to deal with it."

The student, from Reading, has also admitted that she has had numerous offers from potential suitors since she posted the essay.

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