Two Korean stars labelled 'rude and disrespectful' and 'two-faced' in video

18 April 2013 / 3 years 6 months ago

Korean Media outlet Sport Seoul has released a video talking about a ‘˜rude and disrespectful’ female idol along with a ‘˜two-faced’ male actor, reported Allkpop.Their corner ‘˜SS Rumors and Truth‘˜ spoke about a certain female idol group member who is getting very popular. They didn’t mention a specific name as it was beeped out. However, in the YouTube description they described her as someone who is also active as an actress and is nicknamed the ‘˜Nation’s First Love’, in addition to providing her initial ‘˜B’.Reporter Kim Ka Yeon reported, “OO is currently the biggest issue. However, because of her rapidly growing popularity, we have heard that she is getting arrogant, and she is being criticized by reporters, broadcast PDs, and broadcast station personnel. She is always late to her photoshoots, and when it’s time for her to resume filming after her break, she gets annoyed. Not only so, but she uses profanity that is not befitting for a female idol. There is also a reported case where she cried and complained she didn’t want to film, and ran off the set. Even though she has a beautiful face, because of her contrasting personality, she is currently being called the rudest among all the girl group members.‘That was not all. The corner continued to talk about a male actor who was, famous for his kind manners but that his true personality is anything but. The reporter revealed, “Even though he is well known for his manners, other actors are shaking their heads at his two-faced personality. Because of his recently faltering health, he orders his staff members to fetch him tea or give him a massage. If they’re even a bit late in doing his chores, he gets annoyed and angry at them. A broadcast personnel said, ‘˜He’s only nice in front of reporters. Even if he gets nice, his rude temper won’t go anywhere’.‘Even though the names are bleeped out, from the clues including the ‘˜zy’ pronunciation at the end of the bleep, along with the nickname of ‘˜Nation’s First Love’, and Suzy’s last name being ‘˜Bae’ (Initial ‘˜B’), it seems to hint that the the female idol in question is miss A‘˜s Suzy. The male actor is a bit harder to decipher. Who do you think the male actor could be?

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