Transgender Thai actress receives 7-figure sum to star in HK thriller

14 May 2014 / 2 years 5 months ago

Transgender Thai actress, Treechada Petcharat, better known as Poyd, has been seeing her popularity soar as she builds her name in the Hong Kong entertainment industry.

Poyd is heavily promoted by Hong Kong’s Universe International. Recently, she accepted a seven-figure sum for an upcoming thriller film, starring alongside Patrick Tam (譚耀文).

After her successful Hong Kong film debut in The White Storm <掃毒> opposite Nick Cheung (張家輝), Poyd has been praised as a promising talent, reports Oriental Daily.

Aside from Poyd’s mesmerizing beauty, director Benny Chan (陳木勝) said, “She’s great! Even though she’s not an actual actress, she has a talent for acting.

"She learns very quickly and when we speak Cantonese on set, she doesn’t really understand but she gets the general idea.”

Poyd has been the new favorite at Universe International, taking over Elanne Kong’s (江若琳) position at the company due to her fallout with boss, Daneil Lam (林小明).

Poyd changed her name to Bo Yee (寶兒) recently in order to better adapt to the Hong Kong lifestyle.

For her upcoming film Love in Thailand <泰戀> with , Poyd was paid a seven-figure sum.

She does not mind filming risqué scenes, and tackles action scenes head on without hesitation.

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