Tracy Ip ties the knot: Here's what hubby was made to do during gatecrash

13 July 2015 / 1 year 3 months ago

Source: Asian E-News Portal

Yesterday, former Miss Hong Kong winner, Tracy Ip and her non-celebrity husband Raymond Zhou is officially tying the knot and holding their wedding banquet at the Four Seasons Hotel.

The couple arrived at the wedding banquet at about 5'o'clock and the reporters requested the couple to take photos after the cake cutting. In the photos, Raymond kissed Tracy four times, showing their happiness.

The seven bridesmaids included: Gigi Ho, Jess Sum, Cindy Lee and more.

Tracy Ip wore a sexy wedding dress revealing her 'career line' for her big day. She also wore elegant rings on both of her hands accompanied by a pair of beautiful pearl earrings.

The couple will held a 32-table dinner banquet. They have also placed a lot of wedding photos for the guests to see and Tracy's dog are also seen in the couple's wedding photos. During the banquet, there will also be a live band at the venue.

Forcing husband to eat insects

During the interview, Tracy also mentioned the whole process of yesterday morning when her husband came to pick up the bride.

Learning from a Japanese program and as a game, she wanted her husband and his friends to eat insects. She also wanted her husband to eat a scorpion, but her husband kept whinning and never received any punishment.

Finally, she wanted her husband to eat the whole plate of salted bamboo bees. It was a very funny atmosphere!

More couple time and no children yet

Tracy also said that she has to rely on herself tonight (11 July) because, whether her husband Raymond would read the declaration of love or his marriage oath, it won't be smooth.

She said: "Tonight I will be sharing things about my mummy, but I know me and my husband have been under a lot of pressure being together. In fact, last night I did not follow the traditions of a Chinese wedding, maybe because I came back from a foreign country, last night I spent the night with him (Raymond).

(Have kids right after marriage?) Actually not. We have planned to spend more time as a couple first. He said not yet because, he thinks having kids straight away will have no couple life. Also, he believes that having a child will place him as second most important in the family.

Tracy also said there's two extra tables for good friends from the entertainment circle, including; Grace Chan, Moon Lau, Au-Yeung Qiao Ying, and more.

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