'Tough' acting classes in New York have Jennifer Tse in tears

29 March 2013 / 3 years 7 months ago

Jennifer Tse Ting Ting said that her acting classes in New York were tough -- so bad she called her mother Deborah Li in Hong Kong to sob once. She has been studying acting in New York for many months now. Ting Ting called the process 'tough' and revealed that she called her mother Deborah Li in Hong Kong to sob. "One day, I had class from noon to 3Am. I called Mommy and sobbed. Mommy was very worried about me but was very supportive. She told me when I was done crying I had to continue to go to class even more professionally. Instead Papa (Patrick Tse Yin) said that acting didn't need to be learned." She said that acting class was like psychology and she had to remember unhappy memories. "I am naturally optimistic, I wouldn't remember anything unpleasant. So I had to remember something very heartbreaking." Rumored to have had a big argument with her boyfriend Andy Tien (On Chi Kit), Ting Ting lightly denied it. "Our relationships is great, we really didn't argue." She said that On Chi Kit was working on a movie so he did not keep her company in New York. "Everyone has been very supportive of me. When we first started dating, I would be unhappy when I didn't see him. Now we are an old couple, he is very supportive of me." She said that she missed her student life and even hoped to take On Chi Kit to study acting together. Currently Ting Ting has not signed with a new company. She said, "I am still choosing a company. I hope to develop in film in the future."

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