Top female Korean celebs chosen to star in lingerie ads

23 April 2013 / 3 years 6 months ago

As the lingerie industry becomes more and more competitive, companies are attempting to promote themselves by hiring top stars as their models. With the increasing popularity of sexy looks, even those female celebrities that used to hesitate to show skin are now becoming more adventurous in their commercials and pictorials.  Secret’s member Jun Hyosung was selected as the model for lingerie brand “Yes," reports Soompi.An official from “Yes‘ announced, “Jun Hyosung’s cute yet sexy concept was a perfect match for ‘˜Yes.’ We hope to reinforce our trendy and youthful image with the help of Jun Hyosung.‘On the other hand, actress Park Han Byul is the main model for the brand name “Bodyguard.‘ With her well-toned body and unique style, Park Han Byul promotes “Bodyguard’s‘ lingerie as the “underwear for a lean body.‘ As a beloved and admired female fashionista, Park Han Byul is considered to be the perfect choice for this chic brand.Brown Eyed Girls’ Ga In, who is also modeling for the brand name “Yes,‘ is well known for her trademark smoky eyes and beautifully girly smiles. “Yes‘ commented, “Ga In is lovely and sexy at the same time, and therefore is perfect for us.‘ Recently on a pictorial, Ga In showed off her sexy back, proving that “Yes‘ has made the right decision by hiring, her.Last but certainly not least is lovely actress Shin Se Kyung, who has been modeling “Vivian‘ since 2010. With her youthful yet glamorous look, Shin Se Kyung has been promoting “Vivian‘ as the truly feminine product. In every pictorial, Shin Se Kyung shows off her innocent face and voluptuous body, well suited for this brand.A marketing expert stated, “Lingerie industry is getting even more competitive now, and therefore companies will continue to hire top stars to promote their brands.‘ View more photos of K-pop stars in lingerie ads, as well as another popular lingerie model Liv Lo, who moved to Singapore to be with her British boyfriend in the gallery.

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