Tom Cruise hires 'double' for daughter

26 February 2013 / 3 years 8 months ago

Suri Cruise is just six and has never made a movie, but she apparently already has the kind of accessory reserved for biggest stars -- a body double, thanks to her security-obsessed father. According to the New York Daily News, Suri’s alleged double was spotted as recently as Friday afternoon, after her mom, actress Katie Holmes, picked her up from her Manhattan school and they returned to their Chelsea home.They were trailed, as they always are, by photographers.Hankering for a snack, celebrity mother and daughter hopped back into a black SUV and headed downtown to TriBeCa, towards a snadwich shop in Greenwich Street, a favourite of Holmes. But the vehicle made an unexpected stop at a police precinct -- and out popped the doppelganger.She wore the exact same clothes as Sure -- purple, puffy down-filled coat, tan boots, with the same hairstyle. The real Suri arrived with her nanny minutes later in another black SUV at the side entrance of a TriBeCa building that leads to the eatery.Wearing her favorite panda hat and carrying the stuffed toy that goes with her everywhere, the Holmes-Cruise spawn was whisked inside by her nanny before anybody noticed.Photos 1 to 5 of the gallery show Suri Cruise and her body double, while the rest of the gallery shows Suri's 29k Christmas present, a playhouse.

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