Thought Karena Ng had a grand birthday last week? Celebration is not over yet

7 November 2014 / 1 year 11 months ago

To celebrate Karena Ng’s (吳千語) 21st birthday on October 27, Raymond Lam (林峯) hosted a lavish princess-themed party inviting his girlfriend’s close friends.

Aside from the group gathering, the couple flew to London to continue celebrating Karena’s birthday and enjoy quality time together.

On November 2, at a Korean barbecue restaurant in London, Karena and Raymond were recognized by a Chinese family, who requested to take photos with the stars.

Evidently very friendly with the little girl, Ivy, Raymond and Karena could not hide their smiles as they played with her.

Karena Ng Bruises Her Leg from Filming

Karena and Raymond often travel to Europe to escape the Hong Kong paparazzi when there is a break in their filming schedules.

A rising star at Raymond Wong Pak Ming‘s (黃百鳴) Pegasus Pictures, Karena’s film presence has been steadily growing. In upcoming action comedy, Kung Fu Angels <青春鬥>, Karena will portray a rich but unrefined young girl.

In one scene, Karena had to fight three Shaolin martial artists while being suspended by wires. She said, “Janelle Sing (盛君) and Jeremy Tsui (徐正曦) fight more than me.

In the movie, I’m really good at volleyball, but when it comes to kung fu fighting – I don’t know how!”

Despite being careful, Karena bruised her legs during a scene where she had to jump onto a basketball hoop.

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