The thought of co-star's injury makes Fan Bing Bing tear

3 April 2013 / 3 years 6 months ago

Fan Bingbing said yesterday that the thought of White-Haired Witch (Bak Fat Mor Nui Juen ji Ming Yuet Tin Gok) co-star Huang Xiaoming's severe injury while performing wire work made her want to cry.Huang Xiaoming's injury forced him to rest for a long time before he could return to filming. The fall left him with four metal pins in his leg.Fan Bingbing said, "My heart already aches just from remembering Huang Xiaoming's on the set injury. I remember when he returned to the set, I was so emotional that I wanted to cry." Huang Xiaoming later shot the scenes again. While he hung in mid air, everyone on the set was very nervous, almost as much as he was; he would always remember everyone's concern. Huang Xiaoming revealed that he will soon have another operation to remove the pins.

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