Think you know Girls' Generation? Guess which member's stomach this is

18 December 2014 / 1 year 10 months ago

SONE's favorite Girls' Generation kid leader recently updated her Instagram with a quirky picture that has fans chuckling and asking questions.

In the picture shown, Taeyeon captures an exposed tummy decorated with tangerine peels. The peels, along with the tummy's belly button, make up a surprised expression.

Taeyeon likewise uses a surprised emoji as her caption, and says nothing more, reports an article on allkpop.

Fans were curious as to whose tummy that was, to which Taeyeon replied in the comments, "It's my tummy of course, whose tummy would it be? ^^."

She  also commented, "I seem to have gained weight to prepare for hibernation. Eat a lot of tangerines please. Everyone, recharge with vitamins!", and "My tummy doesn't have a mark. It's on my side dummy^^", holding a cute mini Q&A session with her fans.

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