These celebs are said to have the tiniest waists

7 March 2013 / 3 years 7 months ago

East versus West, who has the prettiest waist of them all?

You have Liu Yan, who recently attended the premiere of her comedy Mother’s Happy Life, in Beijing.

According to an article in May Daily, the 32-year-old TV host and actress looked stupendous in an optically enhancing, tight, mini dress, and a tight skirt that showed off her slim figure.

She was a controversial choice for the lead role of a pure and innocent tourist guide, as she was considered far too sexy.

And it’s difficult to disagree with that assessment.

And you have Kim Kardashian, the 31-year-old reality TV star who is incredibly pretty.

On a visit to Miami Beach, with her sister Kourtney, she rocked a kind of classic Greek goddess look, with an uncomfortably tight gold sash to accentuate her tiny waist.

So, who has the prettiest waist of them all?

Who comes first in the beauty stakes? You the jury decide.

Photos 1 to 8 show the two celebrities Kim Kardashian and Liu Yan, in body-hugging attire that shows off their tiny waist, photos 9 and 10 show Sonia Sui, who allegedly removed her ribs to get a smaller waist, while the rest of the gallery shows other pictures of Kardashian.

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