Thai rock stars from 80s and 90s to perform in Nov concert

31 October 2012 / 3 years 11 months ago

Source: The NationNine big Thai rock acts from the 1980s and '90s will be back on stage next month in a concert that's designed to showcase their expressive vocals and soulful guitar melodies.Titled "The Hurt Rockers", the concert is the brainchild of Peter Louis Maiocchi of production house and organiser Freedom and Fun."The whole concept is based on my happy childhood memories," Maiocchi explained. "I've selected nine artists that I grew up thinking of as my big brothers, whose songs made me feel better whenever I faced problems with my parents, my friends and my girlfriends. It's like I've known all these singers personally for years."The songs that soothed my teenage angst included Jirasak 'Maew' Panphum's 'Lerk Ra' [Termination] and Nakharin 'Pang' Kingsak's 'Phuchai Rong Hai' [Crying Man] and 'Nangsue Roon' [Yearbook]. 'Nangsue Roon' was really special, as I think we all look back with a mix of sadness and joy at our school years and the friends we left behind."I'm taking the good old days back to this concert. We're all grown up now but that doesn't stop us from singing these songs again and maybe even crying together."The rockers are Y Not 7, Peter Corp Dyrendal, Chawin "Jugg" Jitsomboon, Jirayut "Jo" Wattanasin, Saharat "Kong" Sangkapricha, Billy Ogan, Pang and Maew, along with one other, whose name Maiocchi says he can't yet reveal."I've divided the nine artists into three groups of three, giving them the names of playing cards to relate to the marketing strategy and the target groups: The 'Kings' feature Pang, Billy and Maew; the 'Jacks' are Peter Corp Dyrendal, Jugg Chawin, Jo & Kong; and the Aces are Y Not 7. We've aiming at an audience with an age range of early 20s to 40 and over and will be playing to different emotions," says the actor-cum-project manager.The rockers are also keen on the concept. "I like this name," says Maew. "Rock music is created from pressure and pain. Hurt is one of the emotions we put across the most in rock music and of course it features in a lot of the lyrics, like in Y Not 7's song 'Ruang Khee Ma'. In addition to my hits, I will also be covering some foreign songs and of course, I'll be playing 'Lerk Ra' with a new arrangement. We all know each other well so there'll be a lot of jamming as well as individual shows," adds the rocker, who is currently recording a new album."Rock is much more related to pain than pop, both in the music and in the lyrics. Pop is a blend of art and business designed for the mainstream and the masses while rock is more about emotions and melody. I'm not yet sure whether I will be covering some foreign songs but it's not a bad idea. When I feel hurt, I listen to Guns N' Roses's 'Don't Cry'," says Thai-Danish singer and actor Peter, whose current projects include recording a single with Jugg Chawin and starring in Tanadol Nuansuth's movie "The Sixth Latitude" with Miss Thailand 2012 Prisana "Bowling" Kumpusiri.The concert is expected to run for three hours on a moveable stage that will be lower than the standard size but will feature a 70-metre-high runway."I would like the concert to run continuously without breaks for setting up," says Maiocchi. "I want the audience to be totally caught up in this time machine and enjoy their journey back to the happy old days."

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