Thai actress rejects claims she pretended to pass out

18 March 2013 / 3 years 7 months ago

Feisty actress Chermarn 'Ploy' Boonyasak insists she did not fake her faint at a city function late last month, as she is the tough type who does not need the attention.According to a Bangkok Post report, Ploy collapsed in what critics said was a suspiciously graceful faint as she took part in a function for Lux.She had just left the stage and was making her way towards reporters when she fell to the ground."The doctor says I have a sinus infection. My nasal cavity is infected, and I have not eaten all day," she said at the time.By last week, when reporters had caught up with her again, Ploy put aside fears for her health by dancing around for the cameras at a city fashion launch.Only days before, she had returned from South Korea where she was taking a short break with her actor boyfriend, Navin "Tar" Yavapolkul.Asked about criticism on the internet that she had faked being ill to promote her latest soap opera, Ploy said she was expecting negative feedback about her collapse. "We don't faint five days a week. And I don't need to create publicity for myself, as my lakorn is already on air," she said."I was genuinely sick. As I've said before, actresses work up until the last minute before they can rest."Ploy says the Korea trip was booked long in advance, and she had no choice but to take it, even though she was still feeling ill."I went to Korea, and was sick for a couple of days over there, but did nothing but eat."I don't post pictures of myself looking sick so people pity me. I try to publish pictures of myself looking fresh and lively, because that's fun. As for the criticism, I knew I would wear it," she said.The Korea trip clashed with the election for Bangkok governor last Sunday, which meant she was unable to cast a vote. Netizens have also criticised her for failing to show up on polling day."I'm sorry for setting a bad example, but next time I promise to get out there and vote," she said.

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