Teresa Mo's botched surgery? Star spotted with 'uneven nostrils'

8 June 2015 / 1 year 4 months ago

Source: Jayenstars

Currently 55 years old, Teresa Mo has slowly reduced her workload and presence in the entertainment industry through the years to focus primarily on her family.

Although her onscreen work has decreased, Teresa still hoped to maintain her youthfulness, even taking drastic measures. Recent photos show a botched up plastic surgery job, which made her nostrils appear uneven.

Blessed with two daughters, Teresa recently accompanied her 20-year-old daughter to Canada for college orientation. 

Having immigrated to Canada, Teresa visited Hong Kong at the beginning of this year and met with a group of friends.

Many friends attributed Teresa’s newly-radiant skin to the air quality in Canada and the health products she endorses. However, many instead suspected that Teresa may have undergone plastic surgery.

Several days ago, Teresa was spotted coming out of a dance studio after an intense workout. Reporters caught up to Teresa as she was making her leave and snapped some photos.

The photos highlighted Teresa’s uneven nostrils and stiff lips when she smiled. Appearing at an event with her family earlier, Teresa’s uneven nostrils were less noticeable.

However, the lower half of her face remained noticeably stiff.

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