Taylor Swift is in S'pore -- and posts Instagram pic that we can all relate to

10 June 2014 / 2 years 4 months ago

American singer and songwriter Taylor Swift is in town.

The 24-year-old star, who is in Singapore for her RED Tour, last performed here at the Singapore Indoor Stadium in 2011. She played at the same venue last night (Jun 9), and will be having another show on Jun 12.

Jun 9 was originally the date of her sold-out gig in Bangkok, but Swift cancelled it after the Thai army took control of the country and imposed a curfew and martial law. The gig was cut "due to recent events in Thailand", says a post on the Thai Ticket Major website.

Last night, the star shared a photo of the famous swallowtail moth -- which Singapore has been seeing large numbers of recently -- on Instagram with her 9.4 million followers.

She wrote, "Just enjoying a casual pre-show hang with this butterfly right now."

While most fans expressed their excitement over her presence in Singapore and how they wished they were here as well, others corrected Taylor Swift and pointed out that the insect was a moth, not a butterfly.

This resulted in a couple of arguments and heated exchanges on the same thread as fans came to their idol's defense.

One wrote, "If she says it's a butterfly, it's a butterfly." Others also said to leave Taylor Swift alone and that it was only a minor mistake.

"Never thought I'd be jealous of a butterfly," commented another.

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