Tavia Yeung defends her on-screen 'lip-biting kiss' with Damian Lau

30 November 2012 / 3 years 11 months ago

Source: TVB News WorldIn the TVB anniversary drama series Silver Spoons, Sterling Shackles, Tavia Yeung plays Damian Lau's 4th wife. Her role has great emotional ups and downs but apparently, the audience and netizens were just waiting for her scenes with Damian -- such as one with a 'lip-biting' kiss.Netizens also criticized her 'Pinocchio nose' had put pressure on Damian. This has gone on despite Damian already coming out in support of Tavia.Tavia revealed that she and Damian had discussed the 'lip-biting' kiss and bed scenes.She said: "In the series, I love and hate him. There are many subtle ways in this world to pull a relationship closer. The lip-biting kiss was to show how passionate and frustrated they were, but perhaps if the scene wasn't done by Damian and I, the reaction won't be so big.When asked if there was pressure starring alongside Damian, Tavia said: "Of course there was pressure. Actually, there is pressure with anyone there. Damian also has high expectations -- he is into each and every one of the characters in the series."He hoped each of the female characters had different personalities, which got me nervous too. We developed together and the other actresses did well on their roles too."Comparing my character to myself, I actually turned younger. My role feels like I was 10 years older than my actual age and I had to relieve myself from this pressure." Tavia said her role was difficult to portray because her emotions goes up and down. As for netizens criticizing her looks, Tavia said: "I don't care at all. They can say whatever they want. They can say I'm skinny, boney, whatever! I don't mind, but I do think my costume came out looking pretty good. We all have different opinions. It wouldn't make sense if I have thinner shoulders and then say I could poke others with it, or if I have a sharper chin, would my chin stab someone? There are many things I cannot control." Also, Elena Kong had a sexy seducing Damian scene, which was described as one with a 'heavy aftertaste' by netizens. In response to this, Tavia said: "It's not like there won't be a 'heavy aftertaste' if they had got a younger actress to do the scene. If a younger actress did it, perhaps people would say she doesn't have enough experience and lacked the appropriate expressions."

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