Tang Wei caught kissing and stroking alleged BF'S chest in public?

21 May 2013 / 3 years 5 months ago

Recently, Tang Wei was caught smooching her boyfriend at the Beijing airport!The Lust, Caution star reportedly started dating Hu Jin, a Chinese advertising talent six months ago. Although the couple had tried to keep their relationship low profile, they were earlier photographed dating at a hotel, reports 21CN.A few days ago, paparazzi spotted Hu Jin driving Tang Wei to the airport. The couple was dressed in causal attire and both wore a cap. After getting down from the car, Tang Wei did not immediately walked away and waited for her boyfriend.As the couple was about to get separated, Hu Jin appeared to be unhappy and gloomy. Tang Wei reportedly tried to comfort her boyfriend and gently stroked his chest. Hu Jin immediately gave Tang Wei a tight hug.Before separation, Hu Jin gave Tang Wei another hug and even planted a kiss on her ear. The couple subsequently embraced together and Tang Wei then reluctantly bade farewell to her boyfriend before walking into the airport.With Tang Wei’s frequent travelling, it is no wonder that the loving couple has little time together and can’t bear to be apart from each another.

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