Taiwan actor Kai Ko ok with being facebook friends with ex

8 December 2012 / 3 years 10 months ago

Source: The Straits TimesTaiwanese actor Kai Ko is all for being friends with his ex-girlfriend - but only on Facebook.The 21-year-old heart-throb explains with a chuckle that it would be "unfair" to his current squeeze if it were to go beyond that.Speaking to Life! in Mandarin at a sit-down interview at Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel here, the actor says: "I'm okay with being friends with my ex-girlfriend because we parted on amicable terms, so even if I bump into her on the street, it won't be very awkward. We'll probably just say a quick hello."But I won't call her up to hang out or anything like that because I think it would not be very nice to any girl that I'm dating at the moment."Ko was in town to promote his new film, romantic comedy When Wolf Falls In Love With Sheep, which opened in cinemas on Thursday.In the film, he plays the goofy character of Tung, who, for a long time, is hung up about his ex-girlfriend after getting dumped by her.While working at a photocopy shop, he befriends a quirky girl (Chien Man-shu) who works at a tuition centre.The movie is Ko's second, following his breakout role in last year's massive hit coming-of-age tale You're The Apple Of My Eye.Moviegoers will undoubtedly have high expectations of his new movie, and comparisons between that and his last one will be inevitable.But Ko is not at all pressured, saying: "I chose to do this movie because I really liked how fresh the script was, and obviously the chance to work with director Hou Chi-jan is part of the appeal."I will just look at Apple as the benchmark for me to try to surpass. Everyone has a best record but it's not like you're a failure if you don't happen to surpass it this time."The film, which first premiered in Taiwan last month, has achieved only mediocre box-office figures, making around NT$10 million (S$520,000). Apple, in comparison, made around NT$500 million.Other than its more arthouse sensibilities, the Taiwanese media say that the less-than-desirable earnings have to do with the fact that female fans are turned off by Ko's rumoured romance with Taiwanese pop star Elva Hsiao, 33.When asked about this, Ko, who is relaxed and laidback throughout the interview, calmly replies: "Brad Pitt has many children, but people didn't stop supporting him because he has a high-profile relationship. I hope that audiences are not so close-minded about this kind of thing."Unlike many celebrities who instantly clam up when it comes to talk about their love lives, Ko adopts a carefree attitude, answering questions about Hsiao without reserve.Though he never directly refers to her as his girlfriend, he does tell Life! that they "get along very well".On an episode of Taiwanese talk show Mr Con And Ms Csi recently, he was also filmed saying that "out of all the girls that I know, she is the one that I like a lot". The two have been photographed hanging out together on several occasions, as well as on holiday together in Bali with friends.He says frankly: "I don't like to lie and I'm not a good liar, so if the media asks me about her, I will answer freely. This type of thing is a part of my life, so I like to be in the position to talk openly about it."If anyone tries to stop me from talking about it, I'll vent my feelings on Weibo or Facebook at night."

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