T-ara's Eunjung breaks down and says 'I had no reason to wash my hair, to clean myself, to eat...'

29 April 2015 / 1 year 5 months ago

In a moment of unfiltered emotion, T-ara member Eunjung cried as she openly discussed the emotional toil she experienced due to the group's past bullying scandal.

Eunjung was a guest on the Mnet's "4 Things Show". During the program, Eunjung talked about the accusation that she had bullied former group mate Hwayoung, reports jpopasia.

"The truth that the public knows and believes, a huge part of it is not the actual truth," the idol said.

In August of 2012, Core Contents Media announced that Hwayoung was no longer part of T-ara. The announcement came out of nowhere and caused an uproar among the public.

Netizens speculated that the idol had been bullied by her fellow group mates, with Eunjung being one of the main bullies.

"I could feel the hated people had towards me, so there were times I felt uncomfortable going up on stage to perform and work hard. However, I think that we need to keep taking this in," she said.

The bullying scandal had a strong negative affect on T-ara's image and career. Hundreds of thousands of people had petitioned for the group to disband, the group halted all group activities, and Eunjung was replaced by another actress in a drama she was supposed to star in.

"Because I was a caught up in such a huge incident, I couldn't go outside...I had no reason to wash my hair, to clean myself, to eat...Everything just disappeared. There was no reason for anything. I started to wonder why I kept opening my eyes when there was nothing for me to do," she said.

Despite the incident, Eunjung has recovered from her tarnished image to once again get back into acting.

The idol is also set to make her debut as a solo artist later this year.

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