Swoon-worthy male stars who could have played the infamous Christian Grey

5 September 2013 / 3 years 1 month ago

These 10 heart-throbs had, at one point or another, been rumoured to play Christian Grey.

Even though they didn’t get the job and have their own flaws, we think they’re still a better choice than Charlie Hunnam. Petition, anyone?

1) Alex Pettyfer, 23
Too young to pass off as 28-year-old Grey – and handle those “silver ball” sex toys.

2) Alexander Skarsgard, 37
At certain angles, possibly. But that’s too much of a risk – even for the intense TV vampire.

3) Ian Somerhalder, 34
The height is the problem – Grey needs to be taller than 1.77m

4) Aaron Taylor-Johnson, 23
A bit odd, considering his wife is directing the movie.

5) Robert Pattinson, 27
The image of the Twilight star sparkling in daylight hasn’t quite worn off yet. Also, too scrawny!

6) Michael Fassbender, 36
He can do nudity and sex in his sleep, but appears a little too mature.

7) Ryan Gosling, 32
Fine body and fully capable of eroticism, but he’s missing the chiselled jawline.

8) Armie Hammer, 27
His smile makes him way too sweet for the ‘Red Room of Pain’.

9) Matt Bomer, 35
Pretty perfect too, but the gay vibes come across too strong.

10) Henry Cavill, 30
Totally fits the mould and gives off an unnerving effect that will keep women on their toes.

Photos in the gallery show the 10 stars, and the actor who got the lead role, Charlie Hunnam.

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