Sure they look great, but are these yummy mummys good in the kitchen?

9 May 2014 / 2 years 5 months ago

Joanne Soh
The New Paper
May 7 2014

She’s a smooth talker on the airwaves and a smooth operator in her kitchen.

Maddy Barber, Kiss92 assistant programming director and host of its popular morning show Maddy, Jason & Arnold In The Morning, said with a chuckle: “My husband is a former chef, but he never cooks at home. I’m the one making the meals. He used to shout out instructions but I’ve put a stop to that.”

She prepares dinner for her family of four — the couple have two daughters aged eight and 17 — every other day.

“That’s why I like being on the breakfast show — when I get home around noon, I have the rest of the day to plan what to cook for dinner,” she said.

“My daughters eat what I cook, and I cook to my taste. If they don’t want to, they can starve!”

But her English IT consultant husband Wez Barber, 36, is the picky one. The family tends to favour Western cuisine and “he must always have his meats”.

“I make this killer brinjal lasagne. Everyone who’s tried it loved it. But my husband looked at me and said, ‘Am I a rabbit? Am I a herbivore? Where’s my meat?’” said Barber, laughing.
So dinners are usually oven-roasted meats and one vegetable dish.

Barber said many people have the misconception that roasts are complicated to cook.

“They sound fancy, but they’re actually very easy. Just chuck everything into the oven! I find roasting beef or making Yorkshire pudding much easier than doing stir-fry.”
Barber also cooks Thai food, something she picked up from her years spent living in Bangkok.

Dinner on “lazy days” can sometimes be as simple as Marmite on cheese toast.

Barber said she’d get her younger daughter Alicia to peel and mash potatoes, while her older girl Elizabeth cooks “fancy stuff” like “brownies, egg and bacon cups or cupcakes”.

This year’s Mother’s Day will be extra special for the Barbers as Elizabeth turns 18 on that day.

Barber said: “We’re having a big BBQ to celebrate, so I’ll be toiling!”

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