Street Fighter fans, you'll definitely be pumped up for this new official web series

23 May 2014 / 2 years 5 months ago

Your favourite childhood game is about to become reality, or close to, with this new Street Fighter live action series. 

Officially sanctioned by Capcom, Machinima and Assassin’s Fist Limited have come together to bring you twelve mini episodes on this webseries -- which debuts today (May 23).

It is based on the story of your favourite Street Fighter characters, Ryu, Ken and their master, Goken, as well as Goken’s brother, Goki and their master, Gotetsu.

Watching their signature moves “hadoken” and “shouryuken” come to live with a lot of action and some CGI, this trailer will definitely get you pumped up for the series.

You can watch all 12 webisodes on Machima

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