Stepmum never wanted us involved in dad's life, says Mike Kasem

18 May 2014 / 2 years 5 months ago

Local radio DJ Mike Kasem says he and his two sisters have never been on good terms with his stepmum, American radio icon Casey Kasem's second wife.

On Monday, his older sister, Kerri, was named by a Los Angeles court as temporary conservator for their father, who suffers from advanced Parkinson's disease.

The latest turn of events is linked to their estranged stepmother, Jean, who is involved in a legal tussle with them over visitation and caretaking of their father reports The Straits Times.

The United States-born Mike, 40, is not surprised that things have developed this way between him and his two sisters and Jean, whom Casey married in 1980.

Now a DJ with local radio station Class 95FM, he told Life!: "From day one, we were pretty convinced she never wanted us to be involved. We were so young then, she couldn't say she didn't want to hang out with your kids.

"It was a slow progression, about 20 years ago it got to a point where we knew she had no interest in ever seeing us.

"When we used to go over to the house to visit dad, she would always say she's sick and stay in her room, or she would leave the house."

"Then it got to a point where we weren't welcome to visit the house. He was dropped off at my sister Julie's house and we would visit him there. The visitations got rarer and rarer till they stopped."

Mike and his two US-based sisters Kerri, 41, and Julie, 38, are perplexed over their stepmother's behaviour.

He added: "Why did this escalate, I don't know. We have talked to her maybe twice in 20 years. "I don't know why she's doing what she's doing. I get asked all the time.

"That is the biggest question that everybody has for us, why is she upset with you. We just don't know."

The final straw for the Kasem siblings came last week when their dad went missing. On Monday, Kerri, a radio and TV host in the US, was granted temporary conservatorship, which makes her Casey's guardian till the next hearing in June 20.

However, Casey and Jean were nowhere to be found. The authorities found Casey and his wife visiting longtime friends at home in a county just west of Seattle, reports The New Paper.

A spokesman for the Kitsap County sheriff's office said that the couple was there on vacation. The police stayed for 40 minutes and concluded that Kasem was alert and was receiving appropriate care.

The authorities left after noting that he was not in distress. Kerri released a statement expressing relief that her father has been found.

She also added: "The family has grave concerns about his health and will do everything in their power to bring him back home."

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