Stephen Huynh cruises in 3-wheel motorcycle for wedding procession

18 March 2013 / 3 years 7 months ago

On Saturday (Mar 16), TVB actor Stephen Huynh and his wife Peggy held a 35-table wedding banquet at a hotel in Tsim Sha Shui, with several guests from the entertainment industry such as Nancy Wu, Otto Chan, Alex To and his wife, Alex Fong and his wife Hoyan Mok among others turning up at the dinner.Stephen's good friends Benjamin Yuen, Vincent Wong and Edwin Siu were part of his stable of groomsmen while Franciso Huynh, his younger brother, served as his best man. TVB News World reported that the 'extremely loving husband' designed a Western-themed wedding as he used the Canadian maple leaf as decoration, wrote the names of him and his wife on street light pillars and gates, and even rode in 3-wheel motorcycles down the streets.When Stefan and his wife met the press that night, they kissed a total of four times for the cameras.He said: "Tonight at the banquet, there aren't many guests from the industry, we mostly invited my wife's friends."Throughout the night, she had 4 different outfits, while I had 6 different outfits since it's our big day!"He went on to describe the chronology of events from the day he popped the big question to her: "I proposed to her in Toronto, we were married in France and our wedding is in HK. It was a long experience, we quarreled several times during the preparation phase and after tonight, I hope to put down the disputes and continue loving and tolerating one another."When speaking of his originality of going on a 3-wheel motorcycle cruise with his wife and the gang -- without helmets -- Stephen said: "Me, Alex Fong, Carlos Ng and my whole group loves motorcycles. Today, my groomsmen were happy together, we took a lot of pictures by the seaside and the nice weather made riding a 3-wheel motorcycle very comforting. I ordered one to use as a wedding fit, it cost me about HK$200,000." As for using $169,000 for the open door lucky packet to pick up his wife, Stefan expressed: "At first, I thought the games were going to be terrifying. I was afraid my groomsmen wouldn't be able to handle it, but surprisingly it all ended quickly."There was one game where I had to bite on a lipstick and write 'I love you Peggy' on the underwear diagram on my groomsmen bikini shirt. I gave $169,000 in Korean, Indonesian, Malaysian and Vietnamese currency, adding it all up, I just gave HK$6,900!"We especially got the foreign currency for this, we didn't get it from going on vacation to all those locations." When Peggy was asked about her wedding gift to Stephen, she said: "I give my husband 100%, but I told my bridesmaid to 'toy with' his groomsmen as much as possible. I was the one choosing what games to play."

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