Stefanie Sun says unglam photo at McDonald's is 'So beautiful OK'

10 August 2014 / 2 years 2 months ago

A netizen recently posted a photo of Singaporean singer Stefanie Sun looking unglam and standing in line at McDonald's, reported news site

The 36-year-old Stefanie was wearing glasses, tee shirt and shorts, and her hair was tied in a loose pony tail -- a far cry from her usual glamorous self on stage.

After the photo was posted online, netizens started to label her as "auntie".

To make light of the photo, Stefanie edited the photo with a playful twist. She added a tiara on her head and colourful words "So beautiful OK", and posted it on her Twitter account.

According to, this is not the first time Stefanie was photographed in such casual wear. Last August, the news site said she was seen holidaying in Thailand with her family, and was dressed in loose clothing, disheveled hair and "no star quality".

Another time, she was spotted carrying large bags after grocery shopping with friends.

Though her less glamorous photos were made fun of, her down to earth attitude also won many positive remarks from fans.

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