Staff tried to stop AKB48 idol from shaving head

5 March 2013 / 3 years 7 months ago

General manager Togasaki Tomonobu responds to comments on Minegishi Minami’s apology video and her act of shaving her head after spending the night with her boyfriend.

When asked why they have uploaded a video of her, he said that they have received a report that Minegishi really wanted to apologize personally with her hair shaved.

The management apparently felt her determination to do so, so they decided to stream it as planned.

Tomonobu, however, felt that it wasn't necessary for her to shave her head, but felt for sure that Minegishi herself wanted to convey how strong her feelings was over the whole episode that she decided to do it.

He also added that a staff member apparently tried to stop her from shaving her head, but she was heard saying that people might think of her as a fool, but she really wanted to reflect on her actions.

In response to another question on whether Minegishi had really reflected on her actions, as a photo soon surfaced online that showed her having fun with other group members after shaving her head, he said, "Before the rehearsals of the theatre performance, I saw Minegishi who came to apologize with an exhausted
expression on her face, so I can say that she has reflected on her actions.
"At the same time, it seemed like she was trying her best not to make people around her feel worried."
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