Soyu's mum was mortified of her one obsession when she was young

28 September 2014 / 2 years 4 weeks ago

SISTAR's Soyu got comfortable and at-home during her recent photoshoot with 'CeCi' magazine.

Wearing casual louge wear ranging from a grey knit tunic to shorts and a light, pink crop top, Soyu created an easy-going atmosphere all the while flaunting her natural beauty.

She told 'CeCi' during a brief interview, "Ever since I was young, I would look in the mirror ever night and try on colored eyeliner, put on make up, put curls in my hair with the curler, and hold my very own beauty show. My mom was mortified but because of that kind of obsession, I was able to become a certified beautician."

She also revealed that she tries to focus on skincare much as possible during her days off to protect her skin from the rigorous idol-life schedule.

Some of her tips and tricks included maintaining a facial-cleansing ritual that consists of using her Clarisonic and a bit of salt to exfoliate, using a green tag bag to get rid of puffiness, and making sure to use conditioning treatment products at least three times a week on her hair.

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