Soyeon's new 'child-like' look: Did she have plastic surgery?

26 June 2013 / 3 years 4 months ago

Netizens did a double take when the T-ara sub unit, QBS, released their debut music video. According to a report on, many claimed that member Soyeon appeared to have had plastic surgery.In the video, Soyeon is no doubt mature and feminine. But this is different than what her face once looked like, which was somewhat child-like. Despite the small differences, the change was very noticeable to those who are fans of T-ara. "Where did the adorable Soyeon go?", said some netizens. "Is this the same person?"Core Contents Media was quick to provide an explanation. According to them, "Soyeon did receive a simple cosmetic procedure recently. However, we believe it is the different makeup and the lighting that caused her to look slightly different. It wasn’t a surgery, but a simple procedure."Check out the gallery below for other celebrities rumoured to also have had plastic surgery.

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