South Korean comedian loses a whopping 70kg -- in just 4 months

28 May 2015 / 1 year 5 months ago

Korea Herald/ANN
28 May 2015

South Korean comedian Kim Soo-young shed a whopping 70 kilograms in only four months in a project dubbed "The Last Healthboy," a segment of the KBS2 comedy show "Gag Concert."

During the last broadcast of the corner, Kim weighed himself in front of the public to show if he succeeded in achieving his goal - which was to bring down his weight under 100 kilograms from 168 kilograms until the end of the show.

Before checking his weight, Kim said he wants to eat 10 bowls of rice with Kimchi stew if he achieves his goal.

Kim's weight was recorded at 98.3 kilograms. The 28-year-old repeated "thank you" on the verge of tears on accomplishing his goal.

Another comedian who took part in the same show, Lee Chang-ho, whose goal was to gain 20 kilograms beginning at 50 kilograms during the first broadcast of the project, also succeeded in increasing his weight to 70 kilograms.

Take a look at the gallery below to see his amazing transformation.
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