Sorry, girls: Show Luo admits that he's dating Weibo celebrity Zhou Yangqing

19 June 2015 / 1 year 4 months ago

Show Luo has been romantically linked to Chinese blogger Zhou Yangqing after the duo was spotted on holiday in Japan.

Recently Show and Yangqing were caught staying at the same hotel and for two consecutive nights, Show was spending the night in her room. 

According to Chinese media, Show and Yangqing arrived in Shanghai separately, and checked-in the same hotel. Show was staying in room 8307, and she was in room 8807.

In the late night, Show was photographed entering Yangqing’s room and only left the next morning. The next day, Show was again seen entering her room and only returned to his accommodation the next morning. Yangqing checked out from the hotel, an hour after show left his room.

After the news surfaced, Show wrote on his Weibo, appearing to be admitting his relationship.

"Yes, thank you everyone! But I will still do my job well.”

Show has been romantically linked to other celebs in the past but never publically admitted to any relationships. So this move was a shock to many, reports Asian Pop News.

Sources say that Show introduced his new beau to his mother and she happens to like her a lot.

Show’s agency responded, ”Show is still placing his priority on work. He is not a child anymore, and hopes to retain his privacy. He will continue to do his job well as an artiste. Thank you everyone for your concern.”

Fans have different views on his relationship. Some are happy while other are in disbelief and are heartbroken.

As Yangqing was rumoured to have plastic surgery, many have also blasted his girlfriend.

One fan wrote: “I don’t understand why you like someone who smokes and has done plastic surgery. Although I don’t Like her, but i still like you.

Another wrote: “I like you for 8 years now, and I have to give up. Among all the girlfriends in the celebrity circle, your Ms Zhou is the lowest. Your specifications for girlfriends are too low.”

Browse through the gallery to see what she looks like. 

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