Song Ji Hyo to Gary: Give me diamond ring, then we'll date

4 March 2013 / 3 years 7 months ago

On the Mar 3 broadcast of SBS's Running Man, Song Ji Hyo made clear what it would take for Gary to date her -- a diamond ring they saw in Macao, reported Suk Jin asked on behalf of all the viewers’ wishes to Song Ji Hyo, "Ji Hyo yah, do you have any thoughts on dating Gary?", to which Song Ji Hyo responded, "I’ll think about it later." But Gary who couldn’t wait any longer replied, "Don’t think about it later. Can you tell me now with an O or an X. Now that the subject has come up, you should tell me."Song Ji Hyo then revealed her one condition for a possible relationship stating, "Then if you give me the 3 carot diamond ring we saw in Macao, I will think about it"Viewers commented, "Let’s hope Song Ji Hyo and Gary date in real life", "They look good together", and "Song Ji Hyo’s Monday boyfriend will forever be Gary."

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