Something's not right about this photo of After School: Spot it if you can

9 March 2014 / 2 years 7 months ago

One of the highlights of 'Music Core's 400th episode special was After School's reunion with former leader Kahi on stage and the group celebrated the AS family reunion with a group snapshot.

Pledis Entertainment tweeted, "Music Core's 400th episode special!We are PLEDIS Family!! KAHI, AFTER SCHOOL, U-ie. . . . and WHO? #pledis#MusicCore", bringing fans a happy smile to their faces with the reunion.

According to allkpop, the mystery photobomber turned out to be labelmate NU'EST's Ren who looked like a girl group member in his makeup, wig, and dress for Boy's Day's cover of Girl's Day's "Something".

UEE, who couldn't join her members on stage due to filming for 'Golden Rainbow', made sure not to miss out on the family reunion backstage.

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