So many signs Angelababy is pregnant -- yet she still denies it

16 May 2014 / 2 years 5 months ago

Is Angelababy carrying Huang Xiaoming's baby? Her diet and unwillingness to take on new projects suggests this is the case.

After four years of dating, Huang Xiaoming and Angelababy will reportedly tie the knot at the end of this year.

According to a report from 3 Weekly via JayneStars, the couple will first register for marriage in Qingdao and later hold a grand wedding ceremony in Beijing during summer 2015.

An inside source further let on that Angelababy is already pregnant, though she continues to deny the news.

Reporters noticed Angelababy is extremely cautious with her diet lately, strengthening the predictions that she is carrying a baby.

Her assistant also clutched on to her wherever they went.

Furthermore, Angelababy has allegedly backed out of Derek Yee‘s Death Duel and adjusted her work schedule to accommodate the current situation.

She prefers to spend her free time with Xiaoming and visited him on his film set.

According to the insider, Xiaoming and Angelababy will keep the pregnancy a secret. They want the child to grow up away from the scrutiny of the media and will only announce years later.

Reportedly, the couple plans to buy a 4000-square-feet mansion in Residence Bel-Air, Hong Kong for their new family.

Half of the mansion will be specifically designed for the baby, including a personal swimming pool, library, small playground, and outdoor garden.

Since dating Angelababy, Xiaoming is known to have splurged millions of dollars to provide his girlfriend with a luxurious lifestyle.

Besides spending $27 million HKD on a 1200-feet flat in 2011 as their love nest, he also bought a $2 million HKD black Maserati sports car for Angelababy last year.

Earlier in February, Xiaoming spent another $2.3 million HKD on a Lamborghini for his girlfriend’s birthday.

Speaking of her boyfriend’s big purchases, Angelababy revealed, “I’ve been working for ten years, and can probably afford these things too. But of course I’m happy to receive them as gifts.”

Certain that she has found the right man, Angelababy also proved to be a good future daughter-in-law. Allegedly, she has a harmonious relationship with Xiaoming’s parents and has accompanied them on several vacations.

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