So gorgeous -- but Linda Chung has been dropped as spokesperson for slimming centre

7 May 2014 / 2 years 5 months ago

Hong Kong magazines have reported that Kate Tsui has replaced Linda Chung as the new spokesperson for a slimming centre.

Despite losing the lucrative endorsement deal, Linda said she was alright with being replaced, reports Asian Pop News.

She said: "I saw the report. If I'm not happy with the advertiser, I would not have worked with them for three years. I understand that they are having a new campaign. It's normal to change spokesperson."

Asked if she was willing to dress up in a sexy bikini like Kate Tsui in the new advertisement, she said: "It depends. The advertisement has to be healthy and compatible with the image of the advertiser. It's fine to put on a bikini."

She was then asked if she would seek her boyfriend's approval if her work required her to dress up sexily.

She however responded that the decidion would be entirely hers as when it comes to work, "There is no need to account to anyone."

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