SNSD Taeyeon explains middle finger photo posted online

21 May 2013 / 3 years 5 months ago

Girls’ Generation‘˜s Taeyeon recently explained a photo of her music video set that she posted on her Instagram account.On May 19, Taeyeon posted “Oooops. Ginger’s hand is a cute hand. My hand is a bad hand. Love & girls, love that girls!! I mean.. guys. So cool! They were pros,‘ along with a couple of photos, reports Oh Kpop. Taeyeon was snapped in a photo with two men in drag and are making a variety of fun poses.But in one of the photos, one of the men stuck up his middle finger, which caused a stir among netizens.Afterwards, Taeyeon explained, “I asked him to do a warui kanji pose and that’s what he did,‘ and “They’re not bad people. They made the music video set really fun. Because of them, we were able to film as we had fun.‘“Warui kanji‘ means a “bad and wild atmosphere.‘After Taeyeon gave her explanation, a lot of netizens defended her by saying, “Did Taeyeon really have to explain?‘ “Nothing is wrong with that photo, Taeyeon did not have to explain anything,‘ and more.

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