SNSD had to perform in deadly silence when thousands boycotted their performance

19 March 2014 / 2 years 7 months ago

Although they are Korea’s beloved girl group, Girls’ Generation has experienced some difficulty in the past, including a massive boycott by thousands of people.

On SBS’ 'Healing Camp', the girls discussed the top five significant events that they had experienced, reports Soompi.

After some hesitation, they discussed the boycott of the 2007 Dream Concert that left the girls performing in the dark for ten minutes.

YoonA said, “For ten minutes, the crowd did not make any sound, and did not clap. We started the performance in silence.”

Hyoyeon added, “Since we were focused on the stage, we didn’t know, but since it was dark we only saw the pink lights.”

Even though Girls’ Generation’s fanclub SONE waved their pink light sticks throughout the girls’ performance, the rest of the stadium went dark as the other fans turned off their lights.

The other fans went as far as to chant 'Wonder Girls' during the Girls’ Generation performance.

The girls also revealed how they were boycotted at a China concert.

Leader Taeyeon said, “During an SMTOWN concert in China, the crowd held up red light sticks and made ‘X’ signs with them.

Former Fink.l member and current 'Healing Camp' MC Sung Yuri commented that during her time in Fink.l, the group would also experience boycotts where other fans would turn their backs as the group performed.

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