'Snake spirit boy' calls critics 'jealous' and 'rich-hating dogs'

25 May 2015 / 1 year 5 months ago

Liu Zichen, 18, has more than 320,000 followers on his Weibo account. He has been branded 'Snake Boy' by his detractors on the internet.

However, Liu attacked his opponents and called them 'rich-hating dogs'. He denies the allegation of 'extensive plastic surgery' and told his followers that he has only had some minor operations on his nose.

The male model first got media attention for his unusual appearance after posting photographs of himself showing off his wealth on Weibo.

The pictures include disturbing naked selfies as well as those showing him lying in piles of cash, reports Asian Town.

When an old passport photo of him was dug up and posted online, Liu claimed that it was taken more than five years ago by a photographer who had a vendetta against him.

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