SISTAR's Dasom lost weight by putting food in mouth then spitting it out

25 June 2013 / 3 years 4 months ago

SISTAR's Dasom revealed it's not easy being an idol by opening up about her struggles with dieting in the past

.On and episode of KBS 2TV's 'Hello', a guest shared his grievances concerning his girlfriend who is greedy with food and feels the need to eat something every 30 minutes, but doesn't gain weight because of her small appetite.

Her boyfriend then ends up having to eat all of the leftovers that she leaves, causing him to be the one to gain weight and leaving him with a large food bill.

The girlfriend remarked that she had actually been much heavier before, and had to cut out a lot of the food she ate to lose weight, reports Soompi. It was this mindset that seemed to have had an effect on how much she's able to eat now.

Dasom was totally able to relate to the guest and shared, "I went through the same thing.

When I used to weigh 55kg, I really wanted to lose weight. In order to lose weight but still eat the things I wanted, I would put a piece of fried chicken that I wanted to eat in my mouth and after tasting it, I'd spit it out."

Hyorin also recalled Dasom's lists of food during those days, revealing, "[Dasom] would even write down the menu of food that she wanted to eat [but couldn't]."

Hopefully, Dasom can now say, "Give It To Me", for all of the food that she craves., View more photos of K-pop idols who became hot after dramatic weight loss transformations in the gallery below.

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