SISTAR's Dasom embarks on near-starving diet in order to maintain her figure

21 January 2014 / 2 years 9 months ago

SISTAR’s Dasom talked about the intense diets that she has to go through as a member of a girl group.

Appearing in KBS 2TV’s 1 Versus 100, Dasom explained: “Since I’m a member of a girl group, I have to diet," reported MWave.

"I watch what I eat and exercise, especially weight-lifting and aerobics.

"No one dislikes eating. People live in order to eat, and eat in order to live,” said the SISTAR member, who was so desperate to lose weight once that she spit out food after putting it in her mouth just so she could satisfy her craving without actually having to eat a lot.

“Eating good food is one of life’s pleasures so I can’t just starve myself,” added Dasom.

“I diet by eating one meal a day, at around 4 pm.”

“Once I started on working in a drama, I could monitor myself everyday through the screen, which helps me to adjust my diet.

"I’ve been losing weight naturally since I started filming, but if I don’t eat, I really don’t have the energy to shoot.

"Plus, if I don’t eat, the rest of the drama staff doesn’t eat, so I’ve been eating together with them,” confessed Dasom.

Check out the gallery below to see other celebs who managed to maintain a figure many will die for.

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