Sire Ma's second steamy video discovered, more sordid details revealed

2 August 2014 / 2 years 2 months ago

Sire Ma’s (馬賽) sex life came under public scrutiny after the leakage of her steamy lingerie video last week. Since Sire had filmed more provocative videos, she filed a police report.

It is understood that the police has already captured the person who leaked the video after Sire provided a list of likely suspects, reports Jayne Stars.

The police also discovered a second video of Sire singing in the bathroom, dressed in black lingerie with what looked like a possible sex toy in the sink.

The video lasted approximately 20 seconds, where Sire spent the first half of it singing to herself in front of a mirror and only stopped to talk to someone outside the hotel bathroom.

Sire Ma has been suspended by TVB. The 26-year-old actress subsequently addressed her scandal in tears, saying that she “had loved the wrong person”. IT is assumed she was referring to her ex.

At the press conference, Sire said that she did not own any copy to those videos and photographs. However, according to her ex's statement,Sire initiated to film the steamy dance clip, as a “surprise”.

“I have never requested her to film those videos. At that time, she said she wanted to give me a surprise. There were more subsequently, and she prepared different kinds of uniforms, from the nurse or student uniforms. She gave me a lot of excitement, but now when I looked back, I felt it was ridiculous,” said Sire's ex.

According to Asian Pop News, her ex also claimed to that they had more affairs in overseas.

“When we went to Singapore and Vietnam, we also did all these [filming videos]. At Vietnam, she even dragged me to a nearby woods near our resort…

"When we stayed in a resort in Vietnam, her mum stayed on the ground floor, and we stayed on the second floor. There was once during our happy time, I asked if we could close the door. She said it didn’t matter, her mum won’t hear it.”

Sire Ma, TVB
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