Sire Ma left trembling by reality show ghost pranks

30 April 2013 / 3 years 5 months ago

Sire Ma was the target of a series of nasty pranks, involving a TV wired to turn on by itself, a 'possessed' pen and a creepy guy in a panda suit.Of course, the elaborate pranks were all for the new TVB show Office of Practical Jokes, but as Sire will attest, the fear she felt was quite real.Johnson Lee, the host of the new show, says it has been quite a hit since its premiere. Many have complimented the show and it has accumulated 43,000 views on's myTV (currently 109,172 views). Last night, Johnson teamed up with Oscar Leung, Penny Chan and Mak Ling Ling from the Big Boys Club to pull a huge practical joke on Sire Ma. They made it out like they were really recording for a new episode of Big Boys Club, but with a frightening twist. They started off scaring Sire in the make-up room with the television suddenly turning on by itself; then they were on air and played "pen fairy" (筆仙), but the pen started moving on its own; a sudden white towel flew across the background; the lights suddenly went out; a strange figure appeared behind the cameras; and finally what really scared Sire to death was when Johnson started breaking down as if some spirit went into his body and then a panda bear came up behind Sire scaring her off her seat. Johnson said over a phone interview, even, if there is a season 2, it won't happen this year. He said: "Because preparing for this show has really worn me out. "On average, each episode takes me a whole month to think about. Now I'm thinking when I should treat everyone a meal. (Fear someone might attack you?) "After the premiere aired, I went back to TVB and nobody wanted to get near me. They thought there were cameras rolling. Actually, we completed 7 episodes and that was it for the show."

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