Singaporean blogger Xiaxue on haters: Grow up and ignore them

4 November 2013 / 2 years 11 months ago

Photos: Xiaxue, Internet, ST, NP

She has received her fair share of online vitriol. Fat. Short. Ugly. Stupid. You name it, blogger Wendy Cheng, also known as Xiaxue, has probably been called it.

Her solution to nasty comments? “Grow up, and suck it up,” Cheng, 29, declares. “If you can’t deal with a few comments on the Internet, how are you going to deal with the other things that life throws at you?

“If you let anonymous people on the Internet get you down and depressed, it just shows weakness of character. “Besides, what can bullies do if you don’t let them get to you? That’s how it works, isn’t it?” she asks.

You could say that Cheng has earned her stripes to make these blasé remarks, having come under fire in the days leading up to last year’s by-election for supporting the People’s Action Party, reports The New Paper. 

Detractors left comments and crude insults on photos taken of Cheng and her friends at a PAP rally in 2011.

Instead of taking it lying down, she fought back. Culling photos of her haters via Facebook, she posted them on her personal blog and lambasted them for leaving the rude comments.

“My way of dealing with nasty comments is typically to ignore them. Once in a while, I argue back,” she says.

Cheng, who frequently posts photos and videos of her seven-month-old son online, says she is not afraid of people posting unkind comments about her son.

“If he is affected by it in future, he can always come to me and talk about it. And if they say he’s fat, I’ll ask him if he really thinks so and if he does, he can go on a diet to lose weight,” she quips matter-of-factly.

Images 1 to 19 show Xiaxue, while the rest of the gallery shows Malaysian blogger Audrey Ooi, who was cyberbullied after posting pics of her prematurely born son online.

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