Show Luo bites Dee Hsu after she tried to strip him on her TV show

26 November 2013 / 2 years 11 months ago

You will not want to mess with Taiwanese singer Show Luo if what he did to talkshow host Dee Hsu on a recent recording of her variety programme is an indicator of how defensive he can be.

According to a China News report, Hsu wanted to strip Luo's top off his body but met with some resistance, as he fidgeted around to avoid getting caught.

He did not realise that Hsu would not take failure as an option for she refused to give up on the task.

Luo then used both his hands to tug down on his shirt to prevent Hsu from pulling it up and over him.

However, when Luo seemed to be losing grip, he went on to bite Hsu's arms, leaving her screaming in pain and saying: "He attacked me. He bit me, and there's his teeth marks still!"

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