Shocking photos of how your favourite leading actresses look like now

30 October 2014 / 1 year 12 months ago

Vivian Hsu, Joey Wong, Carina Lau, Shu Qi and more -- these are all big names in the showbiz industry that have dominated our screens over the years.

A series of photos posted on Gigacircle show what these Asian actresses look like now, and they can only be described as shocking.

While some still look as good as before and like they have maintained the fit bodies, others look visibly aged and haggard. It is obvious that time has not done them any favours.

However, it is not known how credible this particular gallery is. The website seems to have chosen the worst photos of these celebs that have ever been taken for comparison beside their youthful pictures.

Photos 1 to 42 belong to the gallery while the rest show other celebrity transformations over the years.

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