Shirley Yeung's struggles as single mum continue with these problems

8 June 2014 / 2 years 4 months ago

Shirley Yeung (楊思琦), winner of the 2001 Miss Hong Kong Pageant, seemed destined to be TVB’s next poster girl when she made her acting debut. She immediately snagged leading parts after signing a management contract with TVB in 2001.

Though Shirley was given many acting opportunities in her peak years, her image suffered a big blow in 2011 when her messy relationship scandal with Gregory Lee (李永豪) and Andy Ng (吳帥) came to light.

Demoted by TVB

After giving birth to her daughter Krystal in 2012, Shirley returned to Hong Kong in hopes to revive her career in Hong Kong. However, Shirley’s former glory never returned, and instead of being cast in dramas, Shirley was only given spots on variety shows.

Shirley negotiated her contract terms with TVB again earlier this year, but the two parties had disagreements about Shirley’s career direction. In May 2014, Shirley announced leaving TVB, ending her 13-year relationship with the station.

Tight on Money

According to Jayne Stars, although Shirley denied that TVB had tried to cut back on her salary, recent reports claim that Shirley is indeed tight on money.

As a single parent, Shirley is constantly spending to her limit. Owning three apartment homes, Shirley has to pay at least $100,000 HKD a month for her mortgage. Including the money spent on her daughter’s education and other activities, the costs amount to at least $200,000 HKD per month.

On May 28, while on her way to pick up Krystal from her playgroup lesson in Kowloon Tong, Shirley was unable to start her car. Assuming that the car’s battery was dead, she asked a nearby driver to help jump-start her car.

After a few failed attempts, the driver discovered that Shirley’s car was actually out of gas. He was heard saying, “Your tank is empty. Next time, don’t wait until the last minute to fill it!”

Embarrassed, Shirley quickly called a car service to fill her tank. She was late in picking up her daughter.

In regards to Shirley’s current struggles with money, a source close to Shirley’s mother said, “Shirley is always going back to Mainland China to take up side jobs. [Shirley’s mother] is constantly worried about her safety and health. She wants to help but doesn’t know how, so she’s trying her best to care for Krystal at home.”

In a later interview, Shirley said she is aware that many are worried about her current financial condition, but she assured that she is fine.

“I recently took up a new commercial in the Mainland. I’m satisfied with the six-figure salary. However, my daughter’s playgroup costs at least $7,000 HKD a month. There’s also her education. It all costs a lot of money, so right now I am taking up as many jobs as I can.”

Currently an unmanaged artiste, Shirley revealed that a few management companies have contacted her but she has not made a decision yet.

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