Shirley Yeung's 1-year-old daughter underwent surgery for herpes

13 May 2014 / 2 years 5 months ago

Living life as a single mother has been rough for Shirley Yeung (楊思琦).

Shirley broke up with former diver Andy Ng (吳帥), who was involved with another woman in Mainland China and mired in deep financial debt. She did not believe in abortion and opted to raise their daughter alone.

Taking Mother’s Day as an opportunity, 35-year-old Shirley shared the many hardships she faced with her daughter, Krystal Yeung (楊卓穎), who is now two years old.

“I have held my daughter and cried, and I felt ready to collapse from the pressure,” Shirley admitted. Shirley did not maintain contact with Andy and took on all the financial responsibilities in raising Krystal.

When Krystal was one year old, symptoms of a severe illness began to emerge. She continuously had high fevers, and could not eat due to swollen and bleeding gums.

Through a check-up at the hospital, Shirley learned that her daughter was suffering from herpes, reports Jayne Stars.

A doctor later informed Shirley that Krystal must undergo surgery immediately, because there was an abscess the size of a fist found in her intestines. The abscess had to be removed along with the part of the intestine it affected.

Shirley recalled the devastating times, “I felt extremely anxious and hopeless. I was so scared that I just hugged my daughter and cried. She is so young, and yet there is a 3-inch scar on her stomach. I’m very heartbroken to see her like that!”

Fortunately, Krystal’s surgery was successful. However, the illness had affected her body’s ability to absorb, and thus she will be slim compared to others. Each day, Shirley takes time to plan nutritious and healthy meals for her daughter to consume.

“At that time, I thought how good it would be to have a partner by my side to share [the stress]…but in reality, there is no such person,” Shirley said.

After giving birth to Krystal, Shirley became very tense and insecure when out in the streets. She tried her best to avoid reporters lurking around.

Constantly making tabloid headlines at the time, the press liked to follow her in hopes of snapping pics of her daughter. The mounted pressure eventually led to a mood disorder.

Shirley revealed, “The more people chased me, the more I wanted to get away. But that has changed a lot now.”

Despite the hardships, Shirley is determined to stay strong.

“The past has hit me hard. I’m not going to easily trust men ever again. Although it is tough being a single mother, it was my decision. Since I’ve chosen not to evade the issue, I will face things with courage! I believe my daughter can be just as happy without a father.”

Shirley says she will continue to work hard and accept more jobs, hoping to provide Krystal with a comfortable environment to grow up in. Raising her daughter is Shirley’s top priority.

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