Shiga Lin's wealthy BF reportedly broke up with her over stills of her sexy and seductive scenes

22 June 2015 / 1 year 4 months ago

Shiga Lin attended a press conference for her film, "When Greek Meets Sserial Killer" (YEH LONG YU MA LEI).

The film was based on comic book creator Cheng Kin Wo's work and he personally directed.

Hence, a Cheng Kin Wo, Tang Chi Fai's JOURNEY TO THE WEST original draft exhibit" took place and invited two master class comic book creators Ma Wing Shing and Yau Fuk Lung as the guest hosts.

Shiga Lin revealed that the film had bloody and violent stories, but her scenes were mainly action and had less blood.

The film company earlier released stills in which Shiga Lin had sexy and seductive scenes.

Reportedly her wealthy boyfriend broke up with her over them. But Shiga Lin denied the rumours, reports HK Top Ten .

"Magazine reports often would exaggerate. Now I am very happy with both my personal life and work."

Speaking of Hong Kong viewers might not be able to accept the subject, was she worried about the box office?

Shiga Lin admitted, "(Viewers) would be very extreme, they like what they like. When they don't accept it they would be very resistant."

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