Sherraine Law's Hello Kitty frenzy: 4 McD outlets, 6 hours of queuing

1 July 2013 / 3 years 4 months ago

One queued six hours to buy the special limited edition black Hello Kitty toy from McDonald's, one uses Hello Kitty toilet paper, while another has spent nearly $50,000 on her extensive collection.

Meet Singapore's biggest Hello Kitty fans.

One fan is local singer-actress Sherraine Law, 21, who was last seen in Ah Boys To Men.

According to a report in The New Paper, she ran to four McDonald’s outlets before she queued for six hours just to buy two of the Singing Bone Hello Kitty toys to add to her collection.The plush ‘“ the last in a series of six ‘“ was to be launched at midnight on Wednesday.

Sherraine's bedroom in her four-room Tampines HDB flat, which she shares with her parents, has Hello Kitty plush toys of all sizes displayed on shelves.

The plush toys also take up most of her queen-sized bed decked out in a Hello Kitty bedsheet.

Displayed on her bedstead is the entire McDonald’s series, from back in 2000 right up to the latest ones.

She does not keep count of the items nor how much money she has spent on her love.The mirror on her vanity is Hello Kitty, and so are the hair brushes, cosmetics, perfume, containers, trash can and table lamp.Included in her collection are trinkets, passport covers, drawers, stationery, tissue boxes, flasks, a bathroom scale and even a, mahjong set.Another huge fan is Madam Lin Sai Rong, who looks for Hello Kitty options first whenever she needs to buy basic household items.She said, “As far as possible, I want everything to be Hello Kitty.

From my oven to my bedsheets. Only if I can’t find Kitty options will I settle for the plain, normal ones as a last resort.

‘Even the toilet paper in her home has have Hello Kitty designs printed on it.The 40-year-old sales promoter considers herself an avid fan of the mouthless feline, and has been a collector for 12 years.

While she can’t pin down the exact amount that she has spent on her huge collection of Hello Kitty paraphernalia, she confesses it’s “definitely more than $10,000‘.Madam Lin’s collection is so huge she has run out of space at home.

She now rents an external storage unit to house items that she can’t bear to throw away.

The most that she has ever spent on a single item is $1,000 on a 10cm Hello Kitty Swarovski figurine.

Ms Zeng Ailing is another avid fan, and has spent nearly $50,000 amassing more than 4,000 Hello Kitty dolls and accessories over the past 20 years.

According to a report in Shin Min Daily News, she has set aside a whole room in her Bukit Batok condominium unit to keep her Hello Kitty collectibles.

Along with plush toys, figurines, clothes and, watches, she has cutlery, a kennel, and even a Hello Kitty guitar.The most expensive item?

A custom-made Hello Kitty diamond necklace which cost her “thousands‘.

Ms Zeng has even created Hello Kitty-themed furniture which is not for sale.

She wants her collection to be auctioned when she dies, with the proceeds to go to charity.

“To spend between 10 and 20 per cent of my income on something I enjoy and something that gives me pleasure? I think it’s worth it,‘ she says.

View pics of these Hello Kitty collectors (pics 1-8) as well as other pics from Malaysia's Hello Kitty and Sanrio Town in the gallery below.

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